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"If there is a second headline, it is the local discovery of Brinie Wallace as a radiant, vibrant Timoune...she leaves no doubt she has the powerful appealing chops to take the lead in mainstream musicals."

—  Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater On Stage

"Once on this Island" Review


"Wallace's performance stole the show and she delivered one of the most passionate and energetic performances I have seen in a long time. She is truly a dazzling talent."

—  Natasha Ashley, Broadway World


Book of Mormon Review

Q&A with Penn State Alumni

Brinie Wallace and Patrick Graver

By: Jessica Sensenig

Q: How did your time at Penn State prepare you for your career? What was your biggest takeaway from your time studying at Penn State? 

Wallace: One of the most crucial skills that Penn State reinforced in me is that this career is all about presence and persistence. Whether I am showing up to an audition room or, in my case, doing a role eight times a week, presence and persistence is embedded in the work ethic that keeps me ahead of the game. Now, what do I mean by presence and persistence? For me, it is showing up to work with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit to take on whatever challenges I come across that day. It is not easy. It is something that I intentionally and persistently have to work at each and every day. I actively choose to stay invested in the story I tell six days out of the week, and due to staying present on stage, I can confidently say that I have had fun in every single show I’ve done for the past two and half years with “The Book of Mormon.”

Studio 814 Interview, by Jordan Tracy

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