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My name is Brinie (bry • nee) Wallace, and I'm a Denver-based actor currently residing in New York! 


Born and raised in LA County, my love for acting began in my Charter Oak high school drama class, which pushed me to become a YoungArts Theatre Finalist in 2012. It was there, surrounded by immensely talented and like-minded individuals that I felt affirmed in my artistry and was blessed with the opportunity to audition for, attend, and soon graduate from Penn State's musical theatre program. 

Now, as we continue to transition out of this pandemic, I've not only made my BROADWAY DEBUT as the role of Nabulungi in The Book of Mormon musical, but I've also had the unexpected pleasure of swinging the Broadway musical, "A Beautiful Noise", which is truly an incredible turn-of-events. Here's hoping that there's more opportunities like that to come... *hint hint* In the meantime, please take a look around, and don't be a stranger! Hope to hear from you soon, friend! 

Brinie Wallace, Headshot #1 August 2022.jpg
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